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Best Credit Card Rebate Program
Credit cards cause a lot of people to face some serious financial adversity. It seems so easy to swipe a card and make a purchase, forgetting that the debt will need to be repaid at some point in the near future. They are the sole reason that many people are thousands – if not tens of thousands – of dollars in debt. Fortunately for those of us who utilize credit cards, most companies offer a rewards, or rebate, program for travel or other day-to-day expenses.

Don’t be fooled by catchy slogans, however. There are many competing credit card providers looking to suck consumers into their financial trap. Thankfully there seems to be a diamond – er, sapphire – in the rough. That diamond is Chase Sapphire Preferred. The rebate program offered by Chase far exceeds the rewards that are possible with any other provider. The rewards are far more generous as well. As long as the consumer isn’t necessarily frugal with their spending, the rebates can seem endless.

When you first sign up with the Chase Sapphire Preferred card you automatically receive 40,000 points. more
Best Vacation Destinations
No matter if you’re totally in love with the grandeur surrounding the Canadian Rockies or content sipping an umbrella drink on a white-sand beach somewhere tropical, this list of the world’s top vacation destinations should give you some idea how to find a spot that is right for you. more
Beyond Barbie: a Review
Since 1956, Mattel's Barbie doll has been the toy that young girls (and some boys) either love, or love to mock. Her signature color is pink, of course, but while she began her shelf-life as a mere fashion doll, recent years have given her incarnations more representative of girl power than pretty princesses. more
Kohler Fixtures Review: Art and Design for Four Generations
If you've read any kind of home decorating magazine, whether it was "Real Simple," "Better Homes and Gardens," or "Architectural Digest," you've probably seen ads for Kohler's faucets or other bathroom fixtures like sinks and toilets, but, unless you were in the process of building or remodeling your home, you probably didn't pay them much attention. more
American Express Card - Review
"Don't leave home without it," the ads for American Express have said for decades, but what is 'it' exactly, and why is it so desirable?

For most people, or at least for first-time applicants, 'it' is the American Express green card. more